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Importance Of Health And Safety Training In The Workplace

Accidents happen in workplaces, we have to accept that fact, however we can do more to reduce them in the workplace. There are several factors that lead to unexpected accidents. There can be mechanical faults, power problems, and carelessness of the employees, which can lead to an accident. However, in many cases, it has been […]

Health And Safety Training And Its Importance For Business

Any business no matter how small is responsible for creating a safe and healthy environment for all its employees. In order to do this, one key element of staff development is that of Health and Safety training. There are a number of benefits to ensuring that all staff are trained to an appropriate level, and we […]

Benefits Of COSHH Training Courses

COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) is a law controlling the substances injurious to health. The law requires employers working with dangerous materials that they would not pose a risk to the health of employees or to the environment. This is a very important aspect of maintaining safety in the workplace because far too […]

Save On Your PAT Testing Costs

Are you looking to save on your PAT testing costs? well if so you are in good company. Lots of companies just like yours are getting competent members of staff trained to conduct the function of PAT testing themselves in-house and either saving money or adding another income stream to the business. We have clients […]

Benefits Of Manual Handling Training For Your Business

Contrary to popular opinion, manual handling is not just limited to lifting and carrying of loads. It also involves pulling, pushing, lowering loads as well as pulling levers and operating power tools. Manual handling training courses are meant to help workers carry out such manual tasks safely. Such training involves determining which manual tasks need […]

PAT Testing In Schools

The definition of a portable appliance is anything that has a cable and cord and goes to an outlet plate, in fact we have 6 degrees of portable! Hand Held, Stationary, Moveable, IT, Portable and Fixed! Portable appliances can include such items as kettles, vacuum and floor cleaners, electric drills, extension leads, heaters, fans, and […]

How Does PAT Testing Reduce Risks For A Business?

How does PAT testing reduce risks for a business? Businesses are required by law to provide a safe working environment, suitable tools and training. Although PAT testing is not a legal requirement it is the best way to ensure that the legal requirements are met regarding portable appliances in the workplace. Various appliances require testing […]

Is A Safe Worker A More Productive Worker?

It’s very easy to believe that workplace safety regulations are restrictive and time-consuming and could possibly lower productivity in the workplace. It’s equally straightforward toassume that having to follow a precise procedure, or filling in a risk assessment form beforecompleting a task, might slow things down. But in actual fact, if you look at the […]

4 Reasons Why Employee Training Is More Than Just A Legal Requirement

Since 1974, the year in which the UK’s Health and Safety at Work Act came into effect, businesses have been increasingly under pressure to make legally-required changes to their training, equipment and processes. Whilst many see this as a good thing especially from the point of view of employees, it does represent new and additional […]

Manual Handling And Why We Need Training For Staff

DO YOUR EMPLOYEES MOVE HEAVY OBJECTS? Most of the time, you and your staff won’t even think about it, lifting things are just part of our normal day, but many manual handling injuries are the result of poor lifting techniques. In some cases, poor manual handling can lead to permanent disability and physical impairment. The […]

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