4 Reasons Why Employee Training Is More Than Just A Legal Requirement

4 Reasons Why Employee Training Is More Than Just A Legal Requirement

Since 1974, the year in which the UK’s Health and Safety at Work Act came into effect, businesses have been increasingly under pressure to make legally-required changes to their training, equipment and processes.

Whilst many see this as a good thing especially from the point of view of employees, it does represent new and additional costs to the management and running of a business.

Putting this in the context of the current economic climate business owners may see training costs as a burden when cost-cutting is a key priority for many businesses across the country.

Whilst staff training does indeed represent a cost, it’s surprisingly straightforward to see the benefits training can bring to your business. Here are four examples.

1. Improved morale

The effect of training on staff morale is unsurprisingly positive. Improving somebody’s skillset doesn’t just enable them to be better employees but sometimes has an impact outside the workplace. Take for example the provision of a first aid course which can be equally useful to somebody outside the workplace.

2. Increased productivity

Staff who are (or feel) more capable of performing their role are often able to do so with a higher level of productivity. Further to this, with training comes confidence which can have a strong impact on a person’s decision making abilities. This allows them to work without constant input from others. Multiply this effect across the workforce and the outcome is a more efficient and well-oiled team.

3. Loyalty

Staff turnover is a direct source of expense and one worth reducing as much as possible. Providing training is an effective method of showing your commitment to staff and in return there’s a greater chance of building a loyal workforce.

4. Incident-related cost reduction

Health and safety courses aim to reduce the number of incidents in the workplace which is of course positive. But behind every incident is a cost whether it be the cost of hiring temporary workers to cover sick leave or to replace damaged equipment. Well-delivered training is therefore a means of reducing costs

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