Save On Your PAT Testing Costs

Save On Your PAT Testing Costs

Are you looking to save on your PAT testing costs? well if so you are in good company. Lots of companies just like yours are getting competent members of staff trained to conduct the function of PAT testing themselves in-house and either saving money or adding another income stream to the business.

We have clients that include AXA, Kellogs, BBC, Dynorod, MOD, RSPCA and Cancer Research to name but a few.


Quite simply reducing business costs. Training at our sites starts from as little as £165 +VAT per candidate or we could come to you (our most popular option), from as little as £495 +VAT and includes training for up to 5 people.

Get your equipment tested at more convenient times, when it suits your business and not your hired PAT tester.

Spread the function of PAT testing throughout the year, limiting the amount of business downtime and ensuring no items have been missed.

Keep control of what is PAT tested and when they are tested.

Have a more risk based approach to your testing. Not all items have to be tested every year!

Have more competent members of staff within the business that can ensure business compliance and safety throughout the year.


Absolutely not, the HSE guides state you need to be a competent person that has had sufficient training, our course covers the training and we will assess our candidates as competent when they have passed the course.

You rarely find an electrician that does PAT testing, there is usually much more lucrative and interesting work elsewhere for them to do, you are more than likely going to get a trainee or a competently trained non-electrician.

The most important part of any PAT test is the visual inspection, ensuring there is no obvious physical damage, correct fuse and appropriate use of equipment, of course our training will provide all the skills and knowledge to allow the candidate to be competent in making these decisions. There will be some technical training, however modern PAT testers are relatively simple.

We offer our courses to electrically trained staff but also non electrically trained staff, there is no prerequisite for any previous experience or knowledge. We will cover everything needed within the course.


For most businesses, it is now a ‘no-brainer’ to conduct your PAT testing yourself.

As a business you want your items safe, you want to ensure you can prove you are complying with the HSE regs and the relevant codes of practice and of course you want to be able to show you are doing ‘everything reasonably practicable’.

Our course at your site or our venues can ensure you comply, your items are safe and best of all you have done this in the most economical way for your business. It is surely a ‘win win’ scenario.

Hopefully we have answered a few of your questions here, please feel free to look around our site alternatively please give us a call 01793 497181 or complete our contact form and we will get back to you.

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