Benefits Of COSHH Training Courses

Benefits Of COSHH Training Courses

COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) is a law controlling the substances injurious to health. The law requires employers working with dangerous materials that they would not pose a risk to the health of employees or to the environment. This is a very important aspect of maintaining safety in the workplace because far too many industries emit, use or handle hazardous substances than one is aware.

COSHH training gives an employer or their representative all the information regarding how to handle hazardous substances and their disposal. Beginning with information on what substances are hazardous, what health risks they can pose, how to prevent this risk, providing measures to minimize health risks, and providing basic training to all the employees and contractors so that everyone knows how to avoid risks and thus create a hazard-free workplace, which can only be to everyone’s benefit.

There are many benefits of adopting the COSHH training courses for employees. But a few of them stand out. Apart from benefiting individuals related to the organisation, this training also helps the company.

Reduction of health risks and accidents

The training gives information regarding hazardous materials and how to handle them, as well as instruction on their storage and disposal. COSHH seek to deal with both short-term and long term health risks to employees, thus bringing about healthier workplaces in the UK. Diseases like cancer, respiratory problems, skin diseases, physiological malfunctions can be reduced. It also plays a role in reducing the risk of accidents in the workplace.

Reduction of expenses

With a strong safety net in place, there is a definite lowering in the cost of running an enterprise which deals with hazardous substances. Fewer accidents means lesser compensation to be made to claimants. This also reduces the number of legal cases that can be a result of workplace injuries. A streamlined and regulated process for dealing with dangerous substances is a direct reduction on costs incurred on dealing with the problems that arise in the handling of these substances.

Increased productivity

A healthier and happier work force means better overall productivity. Fewer workplace induced health problems have a direct impact on productivity. There are fewer sick leaves taken, lesser time spent on fighting for right to basic health in the workplace, and an increased sense of camaraderie with the company and fellow employees.

Better corporate image

The company’s public image also shows an improvement when they begin to implement COSHH techniques in the daily management of their processes. Undertaking responsibility in reducing health hazards caused by dangerous substances gives the company a good reputation for corporate responsibility among investors, suppliers, and customers alike. The perceived environmental benefits of the training also gives a boost to the company’s image.

In short, there are many benefits for undertaking COSHH training courses for employees. It doesn’t just help in fulfilling legal obligations, but also results in a much better workplace, which leads to a more profitable company.

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