Accidents happen in workplaces, we have to accept that fact, however we can do more to reduce them in the workplace. There are several factors that lead to unexpected accidents. There can be mechanical faults, power problems, and carelessness of the employees, which can lead to an accident. However, in many cases, it has been found that the lack of training or awareness of the employee is the reason behind the accident. It is quite a common factor that the lack of awareness, training and experience of the employee to handle the situation has led to the accident or has even increased the severity of the accident. Therefore, if you want to reduce the severity of the accident or want to stop the accident altogether, you need to ensure your employees are well-trained and familiar with Health and Safety.

There are several reasons for which Health and safety training in the workplace is beneficial in all work environments such as offices, industrial units, schools, construction sites, factories and even shops.

If employees have a completed Health and Safety training courses they will be in a better position to deal with the hazards in the working environment. As the employees are trained for your particular work hazards, they will keep cool and composed in the time of crisis. They will use their experience, training and skills when dealing with the situation. In this way, they will be able to minimize the risks to others and also the working environment. We can’t stop accidents happening but we can certainly reduce them and minimize the consequences of the accidents.

All workers should be trained and familiar with your company’s policies, procedures and potential dangers. If they do not have suitable instruction, training and supervision, you as a business have not fulfilled your obligations.

Health and Safety training is not just to protect your employees, it is equally important for you the employer. It makes good business sense financially to have good safety standards, training programs, safe systems of work and supervision.

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